Quality Financial Group Mentoring Programme

for New entrants to the Mortgage Broking Industry

Mentor Programme for Mortgage Broker Training

Looking for a Career Change?

The Quality Financial Group Mentor Programme has been assessed by the FBAA & MFAA against their minimum standards and has been recognised and approved as an approved industry  mortgage broker mentor programme. The Quality Financial Group Mentoring programme is only for new mortgage brokers to the industry.

*Ask us where to do Cert IV *

New mortgage brokers to the industry:

  • Wishing to pursue a full time career in mortgage broking and build your own successful business .
  • People who have not yet started their Certificate IV mortgage broker course – or –
  • Graduates who have successfully completed their Certificate IV mortgage broker course in Finance and Mortgage Broking FNS40810 or FNS40811 or Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management FNS50310 or FNS50311– Please note you can complete the Diploma qualification with us within the first 12 months of the mentor programme.
  • Professionals with a positive & energetic attitude who are willing to be mentored and guided.

Minimum entry requirements apply. Contact Sue for more info.

Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management FNS50311 – Do you want the edge?
  • Start TODAY with your Certificate IV mortgage broker training
  • *Ask us where to do Cert IV *
  • We can assist you achieve your Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management FNS50311

Mortgage Broker Mentor Support & Coaching

Year 1 & 2 of the mentor programme you will mentored & coached by Sue Hayter, your Industry Approved & Experienced Mentor

Mentor support from day 1 of your pathway to becoming a successful mortgage broker

Home Loan Training & Coaching
  • Write Home Loans and successfully submit them to the banks
  • Write and review your Mortgage Broking Business Plan
  • Where and how to find clients
  • Establish scalable business systems and support structures
  • Market and promote your business to build a big client database
  • Research, compare and explain different Home Loan products to your clients
  • Conduct Home Loan interviews
  • Achieve your industry and bank accreditations
  • Cross sell complementary products and services
  • Manage your client records and database
  • Home loan case study workshops
  • Stay in contact and service your client’s ongoing financial needs
  • Access to Industry Leading mortgage broker software
  • Compliance & lender updates
  • Access to extensive Lender & policy matrix
  • NCCP designed for your business
  • Online screen sharing to save time
Support Over 2 Years Includes:
  • Mentor Programme modules
  • Access to the Quality Financial Group Mentoring online resource centre
  • Specially dedicated Lender Workshops and mortgage broker training
  • Where to get clients
  • Assistance with home loan scenarios
  • Assistance preparing for home loan interviews
  • Assistance preparing home loan submissions to the banks
  • Checking your first 10 loan applications prior to submission to the bank
  • Mentor Workshops
  • 1 to 1 Mentor support – face to face, phone, email, remote computer screen sharing & group workshops
  • Many useful resources such as templates, tools and checklists
Mortgage Broker Workshop Example

Our Mentor Group Workshops are held regularly between February – December each year

  • Group interaction means that the broker is able to quickly understand what action plans are successful and what actions may not have resulted in good lead generation
  • There is an enormous wealth of knowledge sharing and bouncing around of ideas, even though all the mortgage brokers are independent business owners with their own brand
  • A good learning environment saves time and money which enables the brokers to go out and write more home loans
  • Mentor Workshops would include guest speakers eg: Banks on your panel of lenders, Home Loan case studies, Eliminating Fraud

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10am – 1pm
  • How to find Clients
  • Loan File Compliance
  • Business Planning
  • Lead Generation Strategies
  • Interview Skills
  • Home Loan Bank Policy
  • Home Loan submissions
  • Meeting Bank BDMs


Mentor Program Overview

Plan for Success

The Quality Financial Group Mentor Programme has been designed with the best practice finance industry standards. We hold your hand from day 1 and ensure that you are comfortably learning at a pace that suits you. At first we spend more time with you in order to give you intensive training and support as you get on board with becoming a mortgage broker. We are available for you face to face, call or email us for help throughout the month.

Each mentee is provided with mentor programme modules and many other useful resources. Mentees will be measured and assessed regularly to ensure you are performing at your best due to your own individual circumstances. You will also be kept accountable so that you achieve the results you desire.

Your qualified Industry Recognised mentor possesses a great depth of industry experience and has been specially selected, trained and professionally recognised by the MFAA & FBAA. Your qualified Mentor will support, explain, manage and assist you as you work through this Programme.


  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Client Financial Analysis
  • Building rapport with your clients
  • Sales techniques


  • Understanding the bank credit assessors
  • LVR’s, LMI & FHOG
  • Different bank policies
  • Bank servicing calculators
  • Getting the loan approved


  • Business planning to Build a Pipeline of Leads
  • Setting Goals
  • Action Plans


  • Guidance with marketing plans
  • Networking – What to say & do at networking events
  • Referral techniques


  • Reliable broker software – CRM
  • Activites to keep clients coming back
  • Client referrals


  • Generating Leads
  • Your USP
  • Consumer awareness


  • General insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Financial planning


  • Investment purchase
  • Owner occupied purchase. First Home Owner
  • Fast Refi and debt consolidation
  • Non-Conforming debt consolidation
  • Using equity from existing property to purchase another property
  • FHOG, Owner occupied purchase. New build
  • Family Guarantee
  • Construction . Investment purchase.
  • Self Employed
  • Split Loans


Plan for Success – Take action NOW!


Complete your Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking  and you will be well on your way to becoming a mortgage broker and finance broker. Once you complete the course we will interview you and start you on the road to success with your career and business. Read More

Mortgage Broker Course

Start Your Mortgage Broker Career Now!

Once you’ve completed your Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking FNS40810 or FNS40811 then you will be well on your way to starting your mortgage broker career. After you have completed the appropriate mortgage broker training and have completed your Cert IV in finance and mortgage broking, then we will be happy to interview you. When we interview you we require you to have completed the appropriate mortgage broker course because completing this mortgage broker course will hold you in good stead with the exciting road to success. The mortgage broker course in conjunction with mortgage broker training sets you up to become a successful mortgage broker. If you want a mentor to help you complete your Cert IV in finance and mortgage broking  then please  contact us today.