The Quality Financial Group Mentor Programme has been assessed by the MFAA & FBAA against their minimum standards and has been recognised and approved as a  Mentor Programme for new mortgage brokers into the industry.

Our Key Values

  • Positive and Enthusiastic
  • Be True to Yourself
  • To act with Professionalism, Honesty and Integrity
  • Live up to the Ethical Standards of my Profession

What separates Quality Financial Group Mentoring from other  mortgage broker mentors in this competitive environment?

Our key values are what places us above the crowd. We honour our key values and are prepared to fight for them. They are supported by habits of excellence which are nurtured by a mutual respect for each other

Quality Financial Group Pty Ltd, ACN 162 544 783 is a full corporate member of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA), the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) and the Credit and Investments Ombusdsman (CIO).

Quality Financial Group PTY LTD ACN 162 544 783 (Australian Credit Licence 490770)


Director & Mentor

Quality Financial Group Pty Ltd
Melbourne Mortgage Broker Mentor
Trusted Mortgage Broker

“Positive, passion and persistence to succeed”

Sue is the company owner of Quality Financial Group Pty Ltd, Melbourne Mortgage Broker Mentor & Trusted Mortgage Broker. She is a practicing mortgage broker and has over 20 years experience in the banking and finance industry.

Having worked with a number of banks including St George Bank, BankWest, AMP Bank as well as Bendigo Bank her experience is vast.

Her banking involvement includes Australian and International experience and ranges from investments to customer service to mortgages, enabling her to provide her clients and the brokers she mentors with a broad view and knowledge of the banking sector.

The Quality Financial Group Mentor Programme has been assessed by the MFAA & FBAA against their minimum standards and has been recognised and approved as a Mentor Program for new mortgage brokers into the industry.

We all have to continue to move forward and make sure we have the right team, with the right people to be fast acting and fast moving in the market place. Equipped with a Diploma of Financial Services from Melbourne’s RMIT University and as an MFAA  and FBAA Approved Mentor, we are at the forefront of innovation, fostering a culture of excellence, which provides any new entrant into our industry a greater chance of success.

While actively writing home loans and keeping up to date with the latest in our industry, Sue’s sleeves will be rolled up and working beside you as you begin your journey. You will find your mentoring experience professional and authentic, grounded by honesty, integrity and a good sense of humour.

Whether you are new to the finance industry or looking for a career change into mortgage brokering you deserve a smooth and personable transition with a tailored plan to suit your personal goals and career aspirations.

Quality Financial Group Pty Ltd, is a full corporate member of the MFAA, the FBAA and Credit & Investments Ombudsman.

Quality Financial Group PTY LTD ACN 162 544 783 (Australian Credit Licence 490770)




I would like to compliment Sue Hayter on her excellent mortgage broker mentoring programme. As a totally fresh guy wanting to become a mortgage broker, I found Sue from her Melbourne mortgage broker mentor website and from my first enquiry, I found Sue to be punctual, pleasant, polite and professional. Sue has been my mentor since 2014 and after all this time, I am still sure that I have made the right decision in choosing Sue to mentor me. With sound knowledge of products and services, listening and considering my needs, Sue was able to give me a customised business program and prompt precise information on how to be successful in my mortgage broker business. Sue is always very quick to answer all my phone calls and help resolve any questions I have when working with a home loan scenario. She skilfully guides me on the best way to structure my client’s home loans so that they benefit from the best product that suits their individual situation. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sue and her programme to you all.

 – Allen



Taking part in the mentoring programme with Sue Hayter has been a great experience. I can confidently say that being a part of this programme has definitely accelerated my learning and knowledge of the finance and mortgage broking industry in a relatively short period of time. Sue provides excellent advice on all aspects of the business and supports me every step of the way. My first home loan was for an investor and involved 2 complex home loans that had to be assessed together. The applicant was taking equity out of their owner occupied property to use for deposit and costs to purchase an investment property. Sue helped me structure the loans and find a good solution for the client. She also introduced me to the bank BDM who assisted me in getting the loan approved very quickly and negotiated a very good discounted rate. My client was very happy with the outcome and I can honestly say that without Sue’s guidance I would have been totally lost. As a result of the client having such a good experience, he has now referred me to his investor friends. I highly recommend Sue as a mortgage broker mentor.

 – Lionel


I joined the Quality Financial Group mentoring program in September 2014 and highly recommend both the program and my mentor Sue Hayter. With Sue’s experience and knowledge, I have the support and guidance of an Industry professional which gives me confidence and credibility, when I talk to clients or potential referral partners. She is passionate about the Industry and her drive and enthusiasm are infectious and provide motivation to achieve my goals. Sue is always generous with her time and I feel I have my own expert on hand whenever I need her. She facilitates our monthly workshop, providing an invaluable opportunity to come together and exchange ideas and experiences with the other brokers in our group. Sue keeps us all on track and focused on planning for success. As well as a mentor, Sue is a working mortgage broker, which means she is talking from a position of experience and authority. I feel very fortunate to have Sue as my mentor.

 – Adam



Sue has been my mentor as a Mortgage Broker since the start of 2014, and as I complete my second year with her I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is diligent, focused, available and always prepared. She has been an inspiration and a driving force in the success of my business. Sue is available to talk to me every day and we also meet monthly which means that it gives me enough time to follow through on all the goals and targets we plan and set for the following month. Having her follow up and ensure I’m on track has meant I’ve been able to stay focused and achieve the goals I set out to achieve. Sue’s experience as a self employed broker and her positive upbeat attitude combine to make her a truly first rate Mortgage Broker Mentor and I am very thankful to have found her and had the privilege to work with her.

 – Matthew